July 20, 2010

New Tricks!

Reese's repertoire of antics has increased over the past couple weeks. Her new favorite activities include:
-Climbing into the dishwasher.
-Opening cupboards and pulling food off the lazy Susan.
-Opening drawers and emptying them of their contents.
-Going into rooms and closing herself in.
-Pulling diapers out of her diaper stacker.
-Standing by herself from sitting! She just pops right up. She's tried to take steps a couple of times. I'm afraid. Once she starts, she'll NEVER stop.
-Trying to climb out of her playpen.
-Running from one end of the house to the other with her new push toy.

I also recently had to try and get a passport photo of Reese for our upcoming trip to Canada. It took days and countless attempts to get a picture where: she was looking at the camera, not crying, had her eyes open, wasn't blurry, didn't have her hand in her mouth, didn't have her hand(s) waving, couldn't see our hands while trying to hold her...etc, etc. I finally got a good shot, pulled it up on the computer and she had a huge piece of food on her tongue. I had to use a little Photoshop magic to bring it up to US State Department standards. Let's hope they accept it.  Here are the reject pictures:
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The Taste...

We headed to the Taste of Chicago on July 3rd. Eeehhhhh....we weren't too impressed. We're glad we went, but for the money we spent, I could have had a much better "meal." This is going to make me sound old and lame, but it was hot and crowded. Had it not been (hot and crowded) we may have enjoyed it more. Oh, and then I read this story and have decided I won't feel bad if that was my first and last time.  We were planning on heading to the beach afterwards, but due to sore feet/new shoes, we settled for the pool.



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