June 28, 2011

Arlington Park

Earlier this month, we went to Arlington Park Race Track for the horse races. This the summer event for Brady's firm. My parents were in town, and they were able to go with us. It was a fun day. We bet on a few races (no luck!)  and Reese went to the petting zoo and on a pony ride.


Happy Birthday, Brady!

Today is Brady's birthday. He spent an awesome morning at the DMV waiting in line to FINALLY get an Illinois driver's license. I think this was the third time he has made a trip there to try and get a license. Ask him to tell you about his experiences there, he really likes that place.

Brady hates his birthday. He doesn't like to celebrate much. No friends over, no big special meal, nothing.  (Which is completely opposite of me. I would like to celebrate my birthday over the course of multiple days.)  To "celebrate", we are going to get hot dogs for dinner (yes, hot dogs) and ice cream for dessert.

Reese has been walking around all day saying "Happy Birthday, Daddy!" She loves her dad, and they are two of a kind.

Happy Birthday, Brady!