August 27, 2009

And more Baby Pics!

NorthWestern Hospital has photographers come in and take pictures of your newborn baby when they are 1 day old. These are some of the pictures they took. If you want copies of the pictures you have to pay for them. They call this a "service", but I call it an easy way to make money. Who wouldn't pay for these pics? These beauties should be on the cover of a baby magazine!

More Baby Pics

August 23, 2009

::reese dawn::

august 20, 2009
9:34 am
7 lbs - 19 3/4 in

here are a few pictures. we'll post more later. everyone is doing well and happy to be home!! she is perfect and we're so excited that she is here!

August 19, 2009

what's new

Not much.

I'm a week away from my due date, which means we WILL have a baby 2 weeks from tomorrow. Or, we could have her before then. As of today, I'm dilated to a 1+ and 50% nothing too telling. I'm just hoping when I go in it's not crowded so I can get a room with a lake view at the hospital!

No name picked out...I'm pretty sure we won't decide until she's actually here. Brady's pretty proud that so many of you voted for Elliott (even though I know about about the cheating that occurred with a few of those votes).

AND....guess what? I WON SOMETHING! I generally am not a lucky person. Things I have won include:

1) a contest in 6th grade for coming up with an anti-drug slogan. Mine was "Cats have 9 lives, you have 1, don't waste it on drugs." Yep, I had to go around to every classroom and hand out the pencils they had made with my clever little saying on it. I was really embarrassed.

2) A pair of shoes. I entered a contest online to win a pair of shoes. 4 months later I came home and there was a box on my porch with my cool, new, all-white ryka walking shoes. Not really my style, but hey, I WON them. They are actually pretty comfy.

3) A blog giveaway. Now that I have more spare time, I sometimes enter blog giveaways if I'd dig the prize. Today I got an e-mail that I won. I was excited, because this time it was something actually cool. I won a gift certificate to The Noble Gnome's etsy store from down and out chic!! I'm excited to pick out what I want...I'm thinking some earrings. This definitely made my day.

for real?

Brady and I were driving to my doctor's appointment this morning and had the radio on NPR. We were talking and not really paying attention to the story. Eventually we heard something about dumpsters, and diving and thought it sounded interesting so we turned it up.

Turns out, there's a company out there (Macro Sea), that wanted to try their hand at transforming used dumpsters into swimming pools. What?! Sounds weird to me. They created a private, by-invitation-only "lo-fi urban country club" in an industrial section of Brooklyn to test their concept with the hipsters. Basically, they erected a few dumpster pools and added some patio furniture and grills. Because who wouldn't want to go swim in dumpster?? From what I can tell, the pools are part of their bigger plans to take defunct strip malls and transform them into hip places where people want to hang out. Wouldn't you want to hang out at a strip mall and swim in a pool made from an old dumpster?

So, I came home and did a little research about this because I was a semi-curious. Here are the articles I came across. Apparently, the pools have created quite the buzz online. The pictures are pretty interesting.

I will admit, after seeing some of pictures (mainly at Cool Hunting), the pools are actually better that I was imagining. I'll give them credit for a unique idea, but not sure it will ever really catch on. Who knows, though.

Look for them soon in an abandoned strip mall near you!!

August 11, 2009

Fatman Junk

Last night after work I made a quick stop at Pep Boys to have my tires aligned. After waiting for roughly an hour in a waiting room with old auto magazines and a small TV stuck on the Hollywood gossip channel, I quickly found myself watching the clock wishing I had something to entertain me. In walks “fatman”.

Now this is not a picture of the “fatman” that walked into the Pep Boys waiting lounge, but there are a lot of similarities. The major difference being everything you don’t see on this man, well, you saw it on the man at Pep Boys. His shorts had a major hole in the crotch, and apparently he didn’t enjoy wearing underwear. Not only could you see his package – it was partially hanging out of the hole! I thought about taking a picture of this dude and his exposed junk to post on the blog, but found more than one reason not to (what if he caught me taking a picture of his manhood, what would my mom think when she read my blog, etc.). Although I didn’t necessarily enjoy seeing this, it definitely put a smile on my face. It was even funnier to watch other people’s reactions to it.

Moral of the story, be careful what you wish for.

August 7, 2009

Bobo the Baboon

Brady spotted these the first time we went looking at baby stuff and was determined that his daughter was going to have one. Lucky for him, they were the featured item on BabySteals today. It was a tough decision between the Orangutan and the Baboon. Brady and daughter (who is still pretty nameless) will soon be the proud owners of a Bobo the Baboon Zoobie Pet. Lucky.