August 19, 2009

for real?

Brady and I were driving to my doctor's appointment this morning and had the radio on NPR. We were talking and not really paying attention to the story. Eventually we heard something about dumpsters, and diving and thought it sounded interesting so we turned it up.

Turns out, there's a company out there (Macro Sea), that wanted to try their hand at transforming used dumpsters into swimming pools. What?! Sounds weird to me. They created a private, by-invitation-only "lo-fi urban country club" in an industrial section of Brooklyn to test their concept with the hipsters. Basically, they erected a few dumpster pools and added some patio furniture and grills. Because who wouldn't want to go swim in dumpster?? From what I can tell, the pools are part of their bigger plans to take defunct strip malls and transform them into hip places where people want to hang out. Wouldn't you want to hang out at a strip mall and swim in a pool made from an old dumpster?

So, I came home and did a little research about this because I was a semi-curious. Here are the articles I came across. Apparently, the pools have created quite the buzz online. The pictures are pretty interesting.

I will admit, after seeing some of pictures (mainly at Cool Hunting), the pools are actually better that I was imagining. I'll give them credit for a unique idea, but not sure it will ever really catch on. Who knows, though.

Look for them soon in an abandoned strip mall near you!!

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