July 29, 2009

thirty-six....is a big number!

and it means baby is getting closer!
here are some pictures for family members who want to see them. i apologize to the rest of you. maybe brady will have a funny story so you can read about something other than me??

July 28, 2009

one month to go!

yep. 28 days to go.

I'm getting a little bit nervous about this whole thing...I am definitely excited to meet this little girl who loves to snuggle up on my right side. I think most the nervousness/anxiety comes from being the kind of person who likes to have things planned out and organized and be in control. Luckily, Brady is not having any anxiety (at least that's what he tells me) which makes me feel better.

The crazy baby dreams have officially started. If you know me, you know I have weird, weird dreams on a regular basis and remember them in perfect detail. So, it's surprised me that I haven't had many baby dreams. Until now. Last night's dream involved me deciding to keep my daughter (who was really, really small) in my dresser drawer and forgetting about her. We'll see what else my brain can come up with.

Last night, I needed milk and Brady was feeling some ice cream, so we drove to the grocery store. Luckily, they had ice cream on sale. FYI, ice cream is seriously expensive here...I'm talking $6.50+ for 1.5 quarts. We ended up buying FIVE cartons of ice cream. We probably looked like huge pigs. At least being pregnant can be my excuse, right? I ended up finding a tart frozen yogurt and was very excited.

I'm a fan of that whole flavor (Red Mango, SpoonMe, etc) so I was happy to find it at the store. I tried the plain vanilla kind, and it's pretty good. I think I'm definitely going to have to stock up while it's $2.88. Yum.

July 20, 2009

one-stop shopping

Here's what our car looked like when we got home on Saturday afternoon. We spent the day buying literally everything we needed for Yut. We had a crib, changing table and some clothes. So we bought A LOT of baby stuff. (Now, I'm noticing that the Crock Pot is front and center. Ours got broken during the move and the moving company reimbursed us, so I figured I might as well pick one up while at Wally World. And I wanted to have it for easy meals post-baby.)

Brady and I were both expecting a long, tiring day. We actually were a lot quicker than we though we would be and it was kind of fun! Now it's just getting everything organized and put away. Our crib bedding should get here this week and we'll be ready (ha ha)!! I'll get some nursery pictures up once it's not a disorganized mess.
We're getting excited (I'm a little nervous) to meet this little girl. We've got about 5 1/2 weeks to go!! That is absolutely crazy to me. Our last ultrasound a couple weeks ago showed her size in the 50th percentile and everything looked good. My doctor wants to do another scan this week to check her size because she says I "hide this baby very well."


We got to spend some time in Utah over the 4th of July. Our flight got in late on the 2nd and we headed up to Huntsville for the annual Ahlstrom celebration (sorry, no exciting pictures) complete with hot dog roast, firework displays, and a homemade scone breakfast. Brady got to do some mountain biking at Snowbasin, which he had been waiting all summer for. We didn't do a whole lot, but it was great to spend time with our families and enjoy the nice weather. We both realized how much we miss the mountains!
Brady had to head back to Chicago a few days before I did. My family had a great baby shower for me before I left (again no pictures!). Thanks to everyone who came to the shower and especially to my mom, grandma, and sisters for all their work! We got some cute baby stuff, along with lots of gift cards to buy all the practical stuff (Stay tuned for pics of that!).

Other highlights:
-Visiting with friends we miss!
-Going to Farr's for our favorite ice cream (chocolate peanut butter), only to find out they were OUT!! What?!?
-Good Mexican food (haven't found a place here, yet)
-Sunshine! It hasn't felt like summer to us here in Chicago
-Spending time with our nieces

We were sad to have to head back; our visit went by too fast! Here are some more random pictures of our trip in Utah, including a 32-week belly picture (click to enlarge).

From Collages

July 1, 2009

More Boozer?

WTF! I thought he guaranteed he would get a raise this summer! Boozer’s decision to opt-in yesterday was horrible news. His lack of heart and overall physical instability is disheartening for Utah’s success this season. Although there may be some hope, being that this will be a contract year for him following a humbling summer (he may be motivated to work for that “raise” next summer). Despite his potential and capabilities, I’m still praying the Jazz will trade him. If not, at least we know he can make the highlight reel: