July 20, 2009

one-stop shopping

Here's what our car looked like when we got home on Saturday afternoon. We spent the day buying literally everything we needed for Yut. We had a crib, changing table and some clothes. So we bought A LOT of baby stuff. (Now, I'm noticing that the Crock Pot is front and center. Ours got broken during the move and the moving company reimbursed us, so I figured I might as well pick one up while at Wally World. And I wanted to have it for easy meals post-baby.)

Brady and I were both expecting a long, tiring day. We actually were a lot quicker than we though we would be and it was kind of fun! Now it's just getting everything organized and put away. Our crib bedding should get here this week and we'll be ready (ha ha)!! I'll get some nursery pictures up once it's not a disorganized mess.
We're getting excited (I'm a little nervous) to meet this little girl. We've got about 5 1/2 weeks to go!! That is absolutely crazy to me. Our last ultrasound a couple weeks ago showed her size in the 50th percentile and everything looked good. My doctor wants to do another scan this week to check her size because she says I "hide this baby very well."


  1. Sweet! I see you got Pampers swaddlers- they are the best! Good luck guys! It was so fun to see you for a few minutes the other day. Thanks again for stopping by.

  2. Meg- Are you registered anywhere? This is something I really need to know....

  3. Stace...we registered at Babies R Us.