July 20, 2009


We got to spend some time in Utah over the 4th of July. Our flight got in late on the 2nd and we headed up to Huntsville for the annual Ahlstrom celebration (sorry, no exciting pictures) complete with hot dog roast, firework displays, and a homemade scone breakfast. Brady got to do some mountain biking at Snowbasin, which he had been waiting all summer for. We didn't do a whole lot, but it was great to spend time with our families and enjoy the nice weather. We both realized how much we miss the mountains!
Brady had to head back to Chicago a few days before I did. My family had a great baby shower for me before I left (again no pictures!). Thanks to everyone who came to the shower and especially to my mom, grandma, and sisters for all their work! We got some cute baby stuff, along with lots of gift cards to buy all the practical stuff (Stay tuned for pics of that!).

Other highlights:
-Visiting with friends we miss!
-Going to Farr's for our favorite ice cream (chocolate peanut butter), only to find out they were OUT!! What?!?
-Good Mexican food (haven't found a place here, yet)
-Sunshine! It hasn't felt like summer to us here in Chicago
-Spending time with our nieces

We were sad to have to head back; our visit went by too fast! Here are some more random pictures of our trip in Utah, including a 32-week belly picture (click to enlarge).

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  1. Holy playing favorite with the nieces!

  2. Holy I didn't have any other pictures!