July 1, 2009

More Boozer?

WTF! I thought he guaranteed he would get a raise this summer! Boozer’s decision to opt-in yesterday was horrible news. His lack of heart and overall physical instability is disheartening for Utah’s success this season. Although there may be some hope, being that this will be a contract year for him following a humbling summer (he may be motivated to work for that “raise” next summer). Despite his potential and capabilities, I’m still praying the Jazz will trade him. If not, at least we know he can make the highlight reel:


  1. Boozer is a p.o.s. I hope some trades go down this summer because I definitely don't want to see the same team back next year.

  2. Hmm...looks like Boozer is coming your way?! Lucky you! Hope you weren't thinking about becoming a Bulls fan!