July 28, 2009

one month to go!

yep. 28 days to go.

I'm getting a little bit nervous about this whole thing...I am definitely excited to meet this little girl who loves to snuggle up on my right side. I think most the nervousness/anxiety comes from being the kind of person who likes to have things planned out and organized and be in control. Luckily, Brady is not having any anxiety (at least that's what he tells me) which makes me feel better.

The crazy baby dreams have officially started. If you know me, you know I have weird, weird dreams on a regular basis and remember them in perfect detail. So, it's surprised me that I haven't had many baby dreams. Until now. Last night's dream involved me deciding to keep my daughter (who was really, really small) in my dresser drawer and forgetting about her. We'll see what else my brain can come up with.

Last night, I needed milk and Brady was feeling some ice cream, so we drove to the grocery store. Luckily, they had ice cream on sale. FYI, ice cream is seriously expensive here...I'm talking $6.50+ for 1.5 quarts. We ended up buying FIVE cartons of ice cream. We probably looked like huge pigs. At least being pregnant can be my excuse, right? I ended up finding a tart frozen yogurt and was very excited.

I'm a fan of that whole flavor (Red Mango, SpoonMe, etc) so I was happy to find it at the store. I tried the plain vanilla kind, and it's pretty good. I think I'm definitely going to have to stock up while it's $2.88. Yum.

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  1. Here in Seattle, $6 isn't expensive for a pint of ice cream. The other day I paid that for one scoop! It was good though, and technically is wasn't ice cream, it was frozen custard. I'm going to go get some now is was that good.