April 19, 2009

Post Numero Uno

Well....here it is folks. It's been a long time coming, but I finally got harassed enough to do it. I've been reading everyone else's blogs for a long time, but never felt I had anything exciting enough to blog about. Apparently moving to Chicago and being pregnant qualify as being things you guys want to hear about.

Rest assured, Brady has assured me he will contribute to the blog with his wit and humor and that this will not be a cheesy, cutesy blog. (However, there may be some of those posts from time to time for the grandparents out there. They'll eat that stuff up...right mom??)

For now, I'm still here in Utah, staying at my parent's house. My last day at work is May 1st. Brady moved out to our condo on April 30th and has been working out there. He'll fly back to Utah on May 1st, then we'll be in Hawaii until May 12th. I'll head out to Chicago around May 15th. It's been crazy figuring out the logistics of it all, but things have worked out. Luckily, time has gone by pretty quickly. Brady will have to fill you in on all the fun stuff he's been doing with out me!

I've got the camera here with me, so no Chicago pictures for now. They'll come I promise...it's not very exciting right now anyway. Lots of boxes and clutter in the condo still. If anyone wants to offer their interior decorating skills, we'd be happy to accept....

Hopefully I can use all my upcoming spare time to learn how to actually make our blog look decent. Until then, you'll all have to deal with this plain-jane template I carefully selected. Anyone got any good resources for this? Let me know.


  1. Yea!!! You seriously don't know how happy I am right now! I am excited to read your blog and hopefully this will be a better way for us to keep in touch. I have to say that I love the "plain-jane" templates. The other ones take like 20 minutes to upload on my computer and I find them to be cheesy and annoying....but that's just me. Well, welcome to the wonderful wold of blogging.....!

  2. Oh, and I was thinking that I would maybe come out to visit you after you have the baby. I don't want to interfere with family and stuff but I figure it would be the perfect time to come and visit.....and meet the little one too! Let me know what you think.