February 10, 2010

yeah, i'm lazy...

Soooo....I realize my blogging has fallen by the wayside lately. I'm not sure why, considering my days aren't too busy. We spend the majority of our time indoors avoiding the frigid Chicago weather. Maybe it's because of that reason that I have nothing interesting or exciting to blog about. All the weird, living in a big city stories happen to Brady, not me. I could post lots of pictures of the wee child (trust me, I have PLENTY), which is probably what I'll do today, since I have nothing else for you.

We really haven't been up to anything exciting since we got back from Utah. It seems like every winter I get in a baking mood, and this one is no exception. I've been having the urge to make things and I've been trying to resist (baked goods + me being home all day = BAD). The Food Network and the Travel Channel have been very appealing to me lately. I've been scoping out restaurants to try around Chicago once we dare leave our house.

My goals for this year are to learn more about my camera and become a better photographer. I'm hoping to take a good photo class to get me started. Also, Brady got me Photoshop Elements for my birthday and I got how-to book for Christmas, so I've been reading/learning that. The end product of those two goals is to start digital scrapbooking. I have a tendency to get excited about things, and get started on them, only to leave them half-way done. Hopefully I can find a little more motivation with this one!

Here are some pictures from Reese's blessing day (12.20.09) and some other random ones I've taken recently.


  1. those look fantastic! I think I'll have you teach me how to take pictures!!


  2. I have such a beautiful Granddaughter. I am truly blessed to have this little human in my life.