April 20, 2010

8 Months....

Wow! 8 months. I cannot believe how fast time is going by! I know I say the same thing every month, but it is crazy that I have an 8 month old. It feels like we were just sitting at home timing contractions, bringing her home, giving her her first bath, etc.

It also amazes me how fast they learn things. I've loved watching Reese figure things out. From how her hands work, to rolling over, scooting, sitting, how to catch her balance when she starts to tip over, and her latest, how to pull herself up on EVERYTHING.

Here's the scoop:

-Weighs around 14.5 lbs...However, she still fits in the outfit we brought her home from the hospital in!
-Loves being outside, but hates the sun in her eyes.
-Started crawling about a week ago. Now she is everywhere!
-She has finally perfected moving from laying down to sitting up on her own.
-Pulling herself up. Loves to do this in her crib and suck on the bars. We love going in her room and seeing her cute face peering over the top. However, it was a sad day lowering the mattress.
-Loves cords, playing with mom’s hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes.
-Has become quite the mama's girl.
-She's still a super happy baby. (With the exception of a few days last week when she was extra clingy and whiny. Let's just say I had a minor meltdown, but have since recovered. Seriously, I told Brady I didn't know if I could have any more children.)
-Likes feeding herself. It's so funny to watch, she usually gets about 1/4 of the food in her mouth. The rest of it goes in her highchair and bib.
-Likes to give herself "kisses" in mirrors, glass, the oven door....anything smooth or that she can see her reflection in.
-Eats everything! Most recently the bow in her hair. It came out in her diaper several days later.
-L-O-V-E-S when Dad comes home at night. When she hears the door, she's looking everywhere for him. When she can finally see him, she gets a HUGE smile and starts kicking her legs like crazy!
-Food she goes crazy for: Avocado and Rice Krispies

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