May 17, 2011

We've been staying busy around here. We had a visit from Grandma & Grandpa Ahlstrom over Easter weekend. Reese was very excited for them to come visit and had so much fun with them! We went to the zoo and the aquarium and ate lots of yummy food. (If you love cinnamon rolls, you must try Ann Sather. I'm a cinnamon roll lover, and these were really, really good.)
Minnie Mouse Easter Basket

While they were here, Brady and I spent an entire day searching for a new place. Luckily, we found a place and nabbed it! I've been looking for weeks, and hadn't been having much luck finding something that fit our list of requirements. (We're semi-picky...and cheap!)

Reese is still obsessed with all things Elmo, Mickey Mouse, and shoes. The other day we were at the indoor playground near our house and I looked over and saw that Reese had found another kid's shoes with Elmo on them, and had proceeded to put them on and was running around in them. If you leave your shoes around Reese, she will wear them.

She has also developed a sweet tooth over the last couple weeks. She got some Easter candy and occasionally we'll give her a piece of it after she eats her dinner. However, now when you ask her what she wants for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, she'll reply with "candy!" If we make another, more reasonable suggestion we get "Noooooooooooo!" Good times.

She still has as much energy as ever, and is such a happy little girl. But if you ask her, she will try and tell you she is a "baby." She loves her dad, and gets very excited when he comes home at night. We're having a lot of fun with her right now, but she definitely keeps us on our toes.

Last week, we FINALLY had some really nice (even hot) weather in Chicago. I loved it! We spend lots of time outside. Unfortunately, the weather has reverted back to chilly and windy. I'm not sure if it will ever warm up. Sigh.

Here are some pictures from the park and the beach. The girl loves water and sand! Even though the water was pretty cold,  I had a hard time keeping her away from it.  

Ari & Reese....I love this picture!

Other than that, we're in the process of packing up our condo and getting ready to move! We're sad to be leaving the South Loop, but excited for our new place and to be closer to Brady's work so he can spend less time driving. We're not moving far, our new place is only about 10 miles west of where we are now.

Here are some pictures to enjoy!

First time eating cotton candy. Wasn't crazy about it.
 Daddy's Goggles
Thunderstorm rolling in.


  1. You take some amazing pictures, Megan. I miss seeing the beautiful city, especially from your window :) I bet you'll miss it too. Good luck on the move!

  2. Finally I can post a comment! I've tried several times to comment on your Florida post and it never worked! Agh! Speaking of, your trip looked sooo fun! I triple heart love the silhouette picture of Brady and Reese. All your pictures are pretty dang amazing. :) Reese is getting so big! She is such a cute little girl. I hope we're able to get together this summer so I can see her in person and give her a big hug (and her mommy, too!). We miss you guys!