May 26, 2009 with a view

Here was the view from our condo on Friday night. There have been some nice sunsets, (we have west-facing windows) but this is the best one I've seen.

It was a nice long weekend. Half-relaxing, half-running around. We were able to be productive, though. I'm happy to announce that after today we will have seating in our home. Yep, we got couches. I'm excited, but I think Brady is beyond excited. You can't blame the guy, he's going on 7+ weeks of not having somewhere soft to sit and watch SportsCenter. Also, we were one of the lucky Monday morning IKEA customers standing in line to get a great deal on a futon AND free breakfast. you all can come sleep in my den and sit on my couches. Sound fun?

The weather was nice Friday and Saturday and got cooler and rainy on Monday. Too bad that's the day we had tickets to the Cubs game. It was still fun, though, even though we were freezing at the game. I'm talking wishing-I-would-have-worn-beanie+scarf+gloves-cold.

Brady will fill you in with details on the me, you'll want to read this. (At least I think it's a funny story...)

As far as baby stuff goes....all is well. I'm feeling great and have my first appointment with my new doctor next week.


  1. ummmm WOW!!! the sunset looks amazing!! i can't wait to come out and see you guys and your place and have fun shopping with you meg!!

  2. Glad to hear that you are doing so well!!! Al and I have been tlking and we need to come see you guys, It will probably be after the kidos come