October 7, 2009

first celebrity spotting

ok, it wasn't really that cool. mainly because: 1) i was far away, and 2) i didn't even know who or what movie it was until later.
reese and i went on a walk down to grant park to enjoy the weather while it lasts. as we got closer, you could tell something big was going on. turns out they were filming a movie, "LFZ" and if i chose to walk in that area, they could use my likeness in their film. they had lots of video production stuff, food for the actors, fake street vendors, etc. i had to stand around waiting on the sidewalk forever because they were shooting and didn't want random people in the background. all i could see was an older guy walking with a little girl.

later that day, i was reading this blog, which keeps my up to date on all the happenings in my hood. turns out they were filming "Little Fockers" and the guy i saw was robert de niro. ben stiller and jessica alba were also around, but i didn't see them.

basically, this is what i saw:
unfortunately, i didn't think i'd encounter any excitement, so i left the camera at home. (photo from here.) that's about it. so, when "Little Fockers" comes out, look for the scene at the Agora Statues. then look for me in the background, pushing a stroller.

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