November 12, 2009


Here are some (late) Halloween pictures! We had a fun Halloween weekend. My mom, Heidi, Kevin, and Sophia came to spend the weekend with us. They got in late Thursday night and stayed until Sunday evening. Brady and I were blown away by how much Sophia has changed since we saw her in July. She was talking a little bit then, but still kind of shy about it. Now she is a chatterbox! She is a funny girl. The funniest thing she did was to practice her fake cry in the hallway mirror. Reese was crying and my mom was holding her, and I think Soph wanted some attention. She walked over to the mirror and watched herself do a fake cry. Then she would whisper 'baby, baby, baby' to herself and fake cry some more. She would then proceed to come in the living room and perform her fake cry. Heidi...I think you may have a drama queen on your hands!

We ate breakfast at the Bongo Room. This time I had brown sugar brioche french toast with vanilla bean and caramel sauce, candied pears, dried cherries, and oatmeal streusel on top. Yes, it was good. Heidi got pumpkin and zucchini flapjacks with white chocolate and caramel sauce. They were delicious as well. This picture is Brady's chocolate banana french toast.

Brady's work has season tickets to the Blackhawks and he was able to get 4 tickets to the game. They were great seats and the game was awesome.

We dressed up the kidlets for Halloween and trick-or-treated at the front desk. Soph was a bee and Reese was a skeleton. I love the picture above of them together. Soph will hold her for just a second then she starts pushing her away.

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