October 20, 2010

Starved Rock State Park

(Click on collage to enlarge)
We had been wanting to go to Starved Rock State Park, so we packed up a couple weekends ago and made the trip. We had a great time! The drive there was nice and relaxing (Reese slept!) and it was a warm fall weekend. We stayed in Ottawa, IL at a brand new Fairfield Inn courtesy of my former life as a traveling business lady (ha ha ha). We called ahead to see if they had a fridge in the room so we could keep milk around for Reese and they upgraded our room for free! Something about our hotel room really appealed to Reese...she loved it and was very happy whenever we were there.
The park itself was fantastic! I was not expecting this place to be as crowded as it was, but it was packed! Tons and tons of people. There were a lot of hiking trails and once you got away from the main lodge and visitor center, the crowd thinned out significantly. The other unexpected thing? Ladybugs. TONS of them. They were mostly on the wooden elevated pathways, I thought they were really annoying (I swear they were biting me), but Reese liked when they would land on her.
All in all, we had a fun, quick getaway. Reese enjoyed hiking and even FELL ASLEEP in the backpack. If you know our child, you know that is not to be expected. Unfortunately we had to wake her up because her head was flopping around.
It is definitely somewhere I'd go back to check out in all the different seasons. In the spring and late fall, the waterfalls are going in the canyons and in the winter they get icefalls (?not sure if that is a word).


  1. Is my internet not working? I don't see a collage here or in Google Reader...not even a broken image icon or anything...

    But glad you had fun all the same! Some people in our building in Chicago kept telling us about how awesome Starved Rock is, they even rent a condo out there several times a year.