October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween!

Reese dressed up as a dog this year. She loves dogs, and will tell you what the dog says (sometimes...but of course not when she's in her costume). We took pictures of Reese in her costume at the park the day before. It went pretty well other than eating flowers and rocks. We took Reese out on Halloween mostly to just walk around and visit a couple friends. She had fun watching all the people and would point and say "kids" when a big group of kids would go by. She got a few pieces of candy, but true to her nature, instead of putting it in her pumpkin she insisted on carrying as much of it in her hands as she would manage.

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  1. Hey Meg! I love the pictures! Reese looks so cute in her doggy costume! I'll give you a call soon and we'll catch up on everything! Hope you guys are doing well!