March 10, 2011

Catch Up

So, the blog has suffered the consequences of a long, cold, boring Chicago winter. In an attempt to redeem myself, here is a brief synopsis of what has happened since....Halloween.


November: Um....I have 5 pictures from this month. They are all of Reese watching Sesame Street holding her Elmo doll. Brady and I celebrate our 6th anniversary. Brady's parents are in town, and we celebrate by going out for sushi. We hosted Thanksgiving dinner and had our friends Juan and Whitney over. We met up with other friends later for pie. Brady, Reese and I exchange colds.

Reese's 15-month stats: 20 lbs 6 oz, 30 1/4 in. She recognizes the nurse at the office and freaks out immediately upon seeing her.

December: Late night trip to ER for Reese. Diagnosis: Croup. She recovers quickly. We fly to Utah for Christmas. Reese loves being outside in the snow. Me and Reese get sick around December 23rd. Have a great Christmas with family. Late night trip to Urgent Care for Reese. Diagnosis: Bronchiolitis. A nurse and I basically have to lay on top of her to get a couple of chest X-rays. Not an easy task. Reese's dislike for women dressed in scrubs is in full force at this point. (Note to self: do not get sick in Utah on Sunday night after Christmas. There will be no pharmacies open within 30 miles.)

January: Reese and I fly home to Chicago with Reese in her very own seat. Not much happening. Reese becomes obsessed with snacking, bead necklaces, and dressing herself. Cold.

February: Reese climbs out of her crib. We took the bumpers out and it has not happened again. I give Reese a hair cut. Brady and I have 3 date nights(!!): Chinese hot pot, Les Mis, and a Blackhawks game. We extend our lease until June 1st. Come visit us before we move!! And, most importantly,


March: Reese learns how to say "toot" and "excuse me" and thinks it's pretty funny. Has fallen in love with Mickey Mouse. 18-month check-up: 22 lbs 4 oz, 32 1/4 inches. Still hates the nurse at the doctor's office. She can say lots of little words and is really, really funny (at least Brady and I think so). Looking forward to our trip to Florida next week. We're heading to Miami then Clearwater Beach for a week of sunshine and beach. Cannot wait. Reese goes crazy for water, so it'll be fun to see what she thinks of the ocean.


  1. Booooooo for illnesses--and seriously, NO pharmacies open on Christmas?! Not even at like, the hospital? Alas, people fall ill on Christmas, too!

    SO jealous of your trip to Florida! Hope it's AMAZING!!

  2. and that's your [bregan's] world in a minute. :)

  3. Way to go Meg, you got the blog up and running again. I miss you guys so much it drives me nuts to see pictures of her. I can't wait to see her again. I hope it is soon. I come home in April for about a month, but work is so busy I can't extend longer so I could fly back to see you. I hope your mom can, I keep telling her too, but she has a lot of stuff to deal with. I love you and have fun in Florida.