September 6, 2009

last year at this time....

a year ago we were finishing up our 2-week trip to Costa Rica. good times (mostly...). i still crave food from the little columbian soda we stumbled across in jaco. brady craves the coke in bottles. we stayed at quite the wide variety of places: the most disgusting hostel, relaxing rainforest hotels, posh marriott resorts, and some other fun places.
lots of changes have happened over the last year! here are some pics from our trip...CR was a good time and we're looking forward to more fun vacations!


  1. Costco has the Coke in bottles made with sugar cane like in C. America.

  2. Reese is darling!!! Congratulations! I have tried several times to comment on your blog and it never accepts it, so I'm crossing my fingers on this one.. I hope everything is going well for you guys!