September 22, 2009

One Month Stats

reese had her one-month check-up today. here are the numbers:

8 lbs 8 oz - 25 percentile
21 inches - 50 percentile
37 cm head - 25-50 percentile

we also found out she has a medium sized umbilical hernia (which i already knew/guessed thanks to google. who needs doctors?). the doctor assured us it is purely cosmetic and it will probably remedy itself within 18 months. if not, she'll have a funny belly button. also, if you're bored and search google images for 'umbilical hernia' you'll find some pretty frightening pictures. don't worry, hers doesn't look scary.

lastly, she had her HepB one-month booster. sad, sad baby. she screamed and held her breath, but calmed down pretty quickly.
here's a couple pre-doctor appt pics (p.s. brady got her dressed today! good job, eh?)

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  1. So cute of you guys together! I want to see her in person! One of these days (soon) I am going to call you Megan! I am dying to hear how things are going for you. I miss talking as often as we did and wish you were still across the street!