October 5, 2011

Reese's Birthday

Yes, I know she turned 2 over a month and a half ago. Despite that fact, here are some details.

We had a mini-celebration toward the end of our Utah trip. My girl LOVES the song "Old McDonald," (you can often catch her screaming "E-I-E-I-O...sheep. E-I-E-I-O...cow. Etc, etc. at the top of her lungs) so I made her a barn cake complete with animal cupcakes. She was as excited about it as I had hoped she would be! She insisted on eating one of each kind, frosting only.

There were big plans for her actual birthday, (beach, pool) but the weather was not cooperative. She opened her gifts in the morning before taking a long afternoon nap. We now have a 53" teddy bear named Bruno in our house, totally Brady's idea. She loves it! We celebrated that night by walking to the ice cream shop and getting her birthday cake flavored ice cream. We sat next to a big mirror and she was totally amazed that the ice cream turned her tongue blue. (Yes, I realize these pictures are not in order. Blogger is making me really mad.) We also had a fun party with some of our friends.

At the end of August, we had some fun visitors! My good friend Erin and her little boy came to stay with us a for a few days on their way back to Puerto Rico. It was so fun to hang out with them and to meet her little guy! Unfortunately, Reese discovered she's not such a big fan of babies. Yeah, I know. Not good. We're working on it.

Reese at two:-24 pounds, 34 inches
-Talking non-stop! She cracks us up with the things she says. She also surprises us with the things she knows sometimes, too.
-LOVES to sing. One of her favorite books is the mini Children's Songbook. When she sees it, she'll bring it over to you and want you to sing EVERY song that has a picture. I have realized that I am seriously lacking in my knowledge of primary songs. Her favorite primary songs are: I am a Child of God, I Love to See the Temple, Nephi's Courage, and We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet. She can sing the words to 2 verses of I am a Child of God and most the words of Nephi's Courage and "The Prophet Song." It seriously melts my heart.
-Other favorite songs include: If You're Happy and You Know It, Old McDonald, Little Bunny Foo Foo, and Bingo.
-Knows all of her letters, most colors, and basic shapes.
-Loves to boss her toys around. Especially the farm animals and Big Bird and Elmo. It is really funny to listen to her have conversations with them.
-Definitely been experiencing some Terrible Two's with our girl. Most the time she is pretty good-natured and happy, but when she decides she is having a bad day, watch out. She is very stubborn and independent.
-Loves to eat: oatmeal/porridge, feta cheese, toast with jam, yogurt, bananas, waffles, fruit snacks, TJ's cheese crackers and Strawberry O's, rice and beans, and candy/ice cream/cookies (she's her mama's girl).
-Whenever I ask her what kind of baby she thinks I'm having, she responds with "a green one." Hmmm..
-Loves going to the beach. Ever since we went to Florida last spring whenever I put sunscreen on her, which is pretty frequently in the summer, she says "we go to beach!"
-Started preschool co-op with some of our friends. It's been fun so far, and she gets really excited to go to school. (I also enjoy having a couple days a week with some alone time. Heavenly.)

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