June 19, 2009

Google knows...

I love technology! I love that it makes things so easy! I love that it knows what I want/need. The other day I found myself in an unusual and rather uncomfortable situation, one in which you would not call your mother for advice. Never before have I been in this sort of a predicament. In lieu of calling my mother or trying to figure out myself how to remedy the situation, I decided to Google a solution. In typical Google fashion, as I started to type my search a drop down menu appeared with suggested searches. Oddly enough, Google knew exactly what I was looking for:

How did Google know that strawberries, which were supposed to be in the fruit salad, were stuck on my nipples? I may never know. But I’m glad Google was there, because I was able to get those strawberries off my nipples and back into the fruit salad before the missionaries came over for dinner.