June 26, 2009

i heart free stuff....

I like to get things for free.
So, I was excited when I came across a blog post for a quart of free paint! For some reason, our landlord thought that it would be a good idea to paint our condo in stark white, flat paint. Yuck. First of all, it's really, really white. Second, it's a flat finish, so if you barely touch the wall it leaves a scratch mark. When you try to get rid of the scratch mark it leaves another weird mark on the wall. Why would you do that in a condo you were going to rent? Anyway, I truly hate it. So...I told Brady that we are painting the nursery. (OK, I told him he's doing it while I'm in Utah.) I figure that if we can both get a quart of free paint, maybe we'll have enough to paint the room (or maybe that amount won't even come close and we'll just have 2 quarts of random paint sitting around. I know nothing about painting). Either way, it's free and I'm not passing this up. Here's the link: Free Paint. Note: I just did my research, and a quart of paint will not go very far...but maybe an accent wall??
Next up: Real Chocolate Relief Act. Every Friday Mars gives away 250,000 coupons for a free candy bar. I first heard about this from my friend Allison and got my coupon last week. Today I discovered that they do it every Friday!! Free Chocolate Friday.


  1. We used exactly a quart on the pink wall we did in Emi's room. It was exactly enough for one coat on that one wall if that gives you any idea. So with 2 pints you could definitely do 2 coats on one wall or maybe one coat on 2 walls if they're not that big. Can't wait to see your nursery, did you find some fabric yet? Glad to see you got some free chocolate..eat it up now in case your baby doesn't like you to eat it!! I am slowly (or not so slowly) working it back in as Emi's getting older, thank goodness!

  2. Free stuff is cool but I hate paying for it!