June 17, 2009

Here is my craftiness for the week. Since I've had some extra time on my hands, I decided to pull out the old sewing machine. I found a Sewing 101 class at a cute shop in Bucktown. So last Friday I found my way north (Red Line-to Blue Line-to #50 Damen bus!!) and took the class. Most of it was pretty basic, and some of it a review, but it was nice to learn some pointers and correct some bad habits. And, I made this pillow. I'll be honest, I was kind of proud of it, especially the zipper!

It's been nice being able to actually have time to things like this that I've always wanted to, but never got around to doing. I also picked up some fabric remnants and cloth diapers and made a few cute burp cloths for the Yut. Still haven't decided on how to decorate her room, but we did make some progress this week by buying a crib and dresser/changing table. We found a good deal online (free shipping!) with good reviews and went with it. I think we were both sick of looking.

Last weekend we had pretty decent weather considering what's been the norm here. Cool, overcast, and rainy. We walked down to the Chicago Blues Fest at Grant/Millenium Park and listened for a while. I didn't last long because we didn't bring chairs to sit on and the ground was soaking wet. Unfortunately we missed out on 'Naked Bike Ride Chicago.' Maybe next year? It has warmed up this week, but it's still rainy, which means it's humid...and that my hair is really ugly.
Hopefully we get some more summer-like weather in the next couple weeks. We headed up to the roof to check out the progress on the pool and patio and it's looking good. It looks like it will be done soon. Here are some pictures from the rooftop (that's Soldier Field in the background, there was a Kenny Chesney concert going on that we could kind of hear. It was kind of weird seeing lots of people walking through our neighborhood wearing cowboy hats). You can also get a glimpse of the 29-week preggo belly...

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  1. cute. cute. cute. so when can I come visit again?

  2. Stace...you can come whenever!! Seriously, I'm just waiting for someone to come visit me. You and CK should come...

  3. You are so cute!!!! I wish that you guys were in Utah this week but Al can not wait to see you guys over the 4th. Have fun and be safe we will see ya soon:)