June 4, 2009

week in review

Here are some random things that have been going on this last week...

28 weeks prego : Yes, it's officially the THIRD trimester. Very weird. Here are the latest shots of the ever-growing belly (plus other pictures from last weekend).
Had my appointment with my Chicago doc, didn't get to meet her because she was delivering a baby. I met her PA and really liked her. Rode the bus to-and-from. Drank yucky orange drink. Now I get to go back every 2 weeks.

Just for the record, Brady and I have not purchased ONE. SINGLE. THING. for this child. For real. OK, I lie, we bought one shirt in Hawaii, but it's a 12-month shirt.

As far as names go, there are a couple that we both like and a couple that one of us likes. In the meantime, we call her 'Yut' or 'Critter,' both monikers given by the hub.

Can't believe that we have less than 3 months!!

Last weekend we went to an Italian deli/market and then to a bakery. Got a very delicious Italian sub and cannoli (M) and eclairs (B) for dessert. The cannoli was amazing. I'm making Brady go back this weekend to get another.

I also discovered this pretzel loaf they sell at Trader Joe's. Basically, it's a soft pretzel baked like a little loaf of bread. And I really, really like them. As an added feature, they are only .99!! I've had 2 since last Saturday.

We both got callings in church last week. Brady is the 2nd counselor in Young Men's and I am the visiting teaching coordinator in Relief Society. Pretty exciting...


  1. Wow, you guys are just moving right along. Meg, you look so cute pregnant! I'm going to start callling you Mego prego. Let me know if you or the baby need anything, I love shopping. I can't wait to see that cute baby!

  2. I'm so excited you guys are coming in a month! It will be so fun to see you! And I think I need you to bring me one of those pretzel loaf things...they sound amazing!!